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In an Emergency

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Gateshead Emergency Department (A&E) - Tel: 0191 482 0000

Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Sheriff Hill


Emergency services from Gateshead Council website

Numbers for help and advice on health, your home and safety.

If you need to contact the Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance Service in an emergency, dial:

999 or 112


Dial 999 or 112 in an emergency where there is danger to life or a crime is in progress. 

Gateshead comes under Northumbria Police force area. Local police stations can provide helpful advice about crime prevention and household security, contact your local police station using the telephone number below.

To report anti-social behaviour or other incidents not classed as an emergency, contact the telephone number below.

Northumbria Police - Tel: 03456 043 043

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Fire Brigade

Dial 999 or 112 in an emergency.

Local fire officers can provide helpful advice about fire safety.  For details of your Local Fire Safety Office, contact the telephone number below.

Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service - Tel: 0191 444 1500

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Local Health Services

An A&E department will treat serious injuries and sudden illness, if it is not an emergency then you should contact your local doctor (GP) or NHS Direct.

Gateshead Emergency Department (A&E) - Tel: 0191 482 0000

Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Sheriff Hill

Doctor and Dentists
In an emergency, you can usually call your local surgery for a recorded message explaining how to contact the doctor or dentist on duty.  If you are not registered with a doctor or dentist, you can use NHS.uk to find urgent care services:


To find your local GP visit www.nhs.uk

NHS Direct - Tel: 0845 4647

NHS Direct provide general health advice and information and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

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Household Emergencies

Electricity  - Tel: 0800 668 877
If your power supply is interrupted.

Gas - Tel: 0800 111 999
If you smell gas anywhere, either in the house or in the street.

Water - Tel: 0845 717 1100
For water and sewerage services.

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Environment Agency

Environment Agency - Tel: 0800 807 060
In an emergency and to report all environmental pollution incidents. 

Floodline - Tel: 0845 988 1188
Advice and information on floods and flood warnings.

Gateshead Council Services

Gateshead Care call  - Tel: 0191 433 2648 or 0191 433 2650
A service to help older, disabled and vulnerable people in Gateshead to live safely and independently in their own home.

Housing Repairs - Tel: 0800 408 6008
The Gateshead Housing Company is responsible for repairing and maintaining council properties. There is a repair category system with response time targets for various types of repair. The response times take into account danger and inconvenience.

Out of hours social care support- Tel: 0191 477 0844
The Emergency Duty Team provides an emergency social care service to anyone living in Gateshead who needs help outside office hours, at night, weekends and bank holidays.

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Useful Websites

Government’s website ‘ Preparing for Emergencies – what you need to know’

UK Resilience

Gateshead Council

Any out-of-hours emergency or urgent service request can be reported to the Council using the following number or e-mail

Tel: 0191 477 0844
Minicom: 0191 478 2009

E-mail: Emergency Reporting

If the call is very urgent you are recommended to contact the service by phone

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Your Feedback

The NHS Constitution explains your rights when it comes to making a complaint. You have the right to:

  • have your complaint dealt with efficiently, and properly investigated,
  • know the outcome of any investigation into your complaint,
  • take your complaint to the independent Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman if you’re not satisfied with the way the NHS has dealt with your complaint,
  • make a claim for judicial review if you think you’ve been directly affected by an unlawful act or decision of an NHS body, and
  • receive compensation if you’ve been harmed.

We aim to offer a friendly, personal, comprehensive and high standard of family health care to all our patients. We always welcome your feedback and value your comments and suggestions. Please get in touch via our online form or pick  up a comments and suggestions leaflet in from our reception area.

You can raise a concern in a variety of ways:

  • Verbally (by contacting our Patient Liaison, Paula Wright on 0191 4130179)
  • In writing by completing a comments and suggestions leaflet in our reception area and placing it in the comments box. The box is checked weekly and we endeavor to acknowledge the receipt of a complaint within 5 working days and to seek to resolve any concerns within 30 working days – you will be advised if more time is needed. Please remember to leave your contact details if you would like us to contact you. You can also write to the Practice Manager, Sue Jennings, setting out your concerns and stating what you would like to see happen as a result of making your complaint, for example an apology and/or an explanation).
  • Electronically (by email paulawright6@nhs.net This email is strictly for administration purposes only, not medical queries.)

Please note that this procedure does not deal with matters of legal liability or compensation.

FEEDBACK ON LOCAL NHS SERVICES: If you have any feedback please let us know and we will make sure the information is passed on to the relevent people.

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON ABUSE AND AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR TO STAFF: This Practice considers aggressive behaviour to be any personal comments, abusive and/or aggressive comments, cursing and/or swearing, physical contact and aggressive gestures.

No abuse of staff is acceptable whether verbal or physical. All abuse will be reported to the Practice Manager who will keep a log of all incidents.

All physical abuse of any of our patients is reported to the police. The patient will then be removed immediately from our list. If the police are not informed, the health authority will inform the patient of the need to register with a new doctor. In these circumstances, the General Practitioners are still obliged to see the patient if they come into the surgery within the next seven days.

Any incident of verbal abuse whether in person or on the telephone should be reported immediately to the Practice Manager and recorded in the logbook kept in the reception area. If appropriate, the Practice Manager will discuss the incident with one of the GPs and a formal letter will be sent to the patient. A copy will be kept with the medical records. Any response to the letter will be recorded in the logbook and the letter will be kept on file. The logbook can be reviewed weekly and discussed if necessary at the staff meeting.

If the patient’s name appears twice in the logbook, a final letter will be written warning him/her that any further abusive behaviour will result in removal from the list. On the third occasion, the patient will be removed immediately from the list and a letter will be sent to the patient confirming this.

All incidents will be reported to the Practice Manager or to a GP (in the absence of the Practice Manager) who will take appropriate further action.

Information on the NHS Constitution
NHS Constitution A3 Poster
NHS Constitution A5 booklet
NHS Constitution postcard

We are proud to be a training practice and believe that this helps us to maintain the high standards of care you come to expect of us.  Training helps with the recruitment of quality GPs into the practice and into Gateshead


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Veterans Issues – Homelessness

Blind Veterans UK


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Flu jab day 2014

flu poster 2014

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2014 Flu Jab Day

Crawcrook Surgery Flu Jab Day—Saturday 4th October
Between 8.30am and 1.30pm. For people aged over 65 and those
under 65 who suffer with chronic disease, pregnant women and
carers. Please give us a call or pop in to make an appointment
for this clinic.

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